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We have moved our booking system and now require you to either login in or register your interest using the form. All of our school lessons, band workshops, adult classes and group workshops are still running as normal!

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Be it classical recitals or rocking out ...

Guitar lessons at RBMS are built entirely around the students perspective. Regardless of ability, style, age or confidence we are able to build a lesson plan that suits your musical taste and time commitments. Working with a network of experienced guitar tutors we have built a flexible curriculum for in school lessons and a wide collection of songs for adults. We work closely with our students to choose songs of their liking and provide arrangements that match their current ability level.

Be part of a ukulele orchestra!

Our ukulele classes provide children and adults  with a great introduction to music.  Each student has access to a ukulele within lessons and the curriculum guarantees continued enjoyment. We play a wide range of music, spanning modern hits to the classics. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can learn your favourite tunes!

Drum lessons with a bang

Our drum lessons provide students with a rounded education teaching all forms of rhythm. All variations of percussion are available including drum kit, traditional African drums and many other forms. RBMS students are able to choose their own songs, our tutors then transcribes the song to an achievable level!

Drum workshops

The African/Brazilian samba workshop combines two popular styles of drumming to create an exciting musical ensemble! RBMS students will learn how to play fundamental authentic rhythms in time with each other on a variety of different drums and percussion.

Tech Lessons for the 21st Century

At RBMS we understand that many of our students young and old love using technology, so our 2018/2019 lesson plan encourages incorporating technology into our lessons. We now teach how to record and mix music using “Garage Band” on iPads. RBMS students learn how to produce songs by themselves and acquire a life skill that can be used at home!

Workshops like no other!

These courses are designed by our tutors to be a fun packed three days of exploring and learning music. We shall be showing children how to play electric instruments in band settings. This will include electric guitars, basses, keyboards, singing and of course drums. We do also encourage other instruments to join, in the past we have had great fun with ukuleles, cellos, violins, cornet, trumpet and trombone!

Our next courses will be held in the October break.

We also have weekly courses running at Uckfield and Crowborough.

The Uckfield sessions are held at our Music Hub on Mondays 4.45 – 5.30, Wednesdays 4.00 – 4.45.

Crowborough sessions are held at the Community Centre on Thursdays 4.45 – 5.30.

We will also be starting a Heathfield session in September 2018. For any further information please get in touch! 

Singing lessons for stars!

Our singing lessons not only provide our pupils with the skills and techniques needed to sing safely but allow them the opportunity to discover their individual voices and perform favourite songs in front of family and peers.

Need something else ?

We are constantly looking for more instruments to add to our roster! We have cello, mandolin, bass and piano.

Looking for something else ? Let us know! 

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