Check out our COVID friendly teaching space and practice!

We will be taking the following measures to keep the space as safe as possible for both tutors and students:

Everyone who enters or exits the hub must use hand sanitiser and wear a face-covering whilst in communal areas.

Parents wearing face-covering when coming into the space if they need to discuss with the tutor. If not wanting to wear a face-covering must wait outside.

Tutors to wear face-covering whenever not in the teaching room.

Students will wash their hands and use sanitiser before and after using the instruments.

Rotating instruments on 48-hour cycles where possible.

Each room will be fully cleaned and sanitised by the tutors before a new group of students comes in.

Students will be separated with chairs pre-distanced at 1.5m.

Keeping all windows and doors open to ensure airflow in the room.

Where possible and if allowed by the school teaching lessons outdoors to mitigate any additional risk.

If there is a positive COVID-19 test of an RBMS student or tutor, we will report this immediately to any schools the tutor has been working in and the tutor will self-isolate at home and get themselves tested. The results will be directly reported to the school as soon as possible.