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How much are the lessons ?

Our lessons are based at a very competitive level in an effort to make music tuition accessible to as many people as possible!

Our group lessons are between £7.60 – £10 for 30 minutes and £8 – £10 for 60 minutes.

Private lessons are charged at £15 – £25 for 30 minutes and £25 – £35 for 60 minutes.

Do I have to buy an instrument ?

Of course not! We understand that learning an instrument can be a big thing and that it can be hard to decide which to pursue. We suggest that 2/4 lessons are taken before an instrument is purchased. Ukuleles can be purchased for £20 – £50 and guitars are slightly more expensive at £30 – £70. We often have instruments for sale or hire. Please get in touch for this service here – enquire.

For further information please check out our guitar buying guide below.

Choosing a guitar

What instruments do you teach ?

We have an increasing list of instruments we can teach that is ever growing.

Our most popular services are guitar, ukulele, drums and band work shops.

We are also able to teach singing, bass, cello, keyboard, mandolin, tech and kazoo (yes really!)

For more information please visit our lessons page.

How important is practice ?

Practice makes progress

Many people think practice has to be a hard boring task for several hours a day – not the case!

Just 10 minutes every other day can make a huge difference to progress and confidence. Within schools we recommend that you use a practice aid such as 100% Rockstar or the RBMS practice chart included in the folder given to students. Each of our students also receives an automated report from each lesson including lesson notes, recordings and materials. Should require the link for this please get in touch.

What happens if a lesson is missed ?

In school

If a lesson is missed within school due to a trip or school activities the session will be rescheduled at a suitable date. RBMS operate a 35 week school tuition year and we do the very best we can to fulfil each of these sessions. Where possible child sickness can be rescheduled although this often depends on the flexibility of the school/class arrangements.

Out of school

If a lesson is missed out of school this is charged at the normal rate, however when booking a course concessions can be made for shorter durations or particular dates.

Are performances compulsory ?

At RBMS we encourage students to perform in a variety of settings.

Depending on the students age and learning situation this may be in-front of their school, parents, or friends and family. For our more experienced students we arrange performances as part of festivals, musical events and showcases.

We believe that performances help build confidence and a sense of achievement and desire to keep practicing. However, we will never push performances to a student who does not feel comfortable doing this as negative pressure is not something we endorse!

Are RBMS tutors consistent ?

Each of our tutors are chosen for their skills as an instructor but also their personal qualities. We choose tutors who we believe to be dedicated and committed to the cause of inspiring and building a thriving musical community. Our tutors are punctual, professional and reliable, if for any reason a tutor cannot make a lesson another tutor will be sent as a cover or the session will be rescheduled. In the unlikely circumstance that neither of the above is possible the lesson will be fully refunded.

How do you accept payment ?

We accept BACS, direct debit, PayPal transfers and card transactions. For more information or any problems regarding this please get in touch! 

Do I have to do grades ?

Of course not!

We have found that many of our students flourish through learning songs of their choice. As part of this we have created our own flexible curriculum to inspire and empower future musicians. We do also understand that grades can be a great path for some of our students, we endorse Rockschool, Trinity and RGT grades.

What musical styles do you teach ?

Anything and everything!

Through our wide network of tutors and combined experience we have covered pretty much every style available! If you have something extra special we’d love the challenge – get in touch! 

For more information about our team and there specialities please visit our team page.

Is it necessary to read music ?

We teach all levels and abilities therefore students do not require any previous knowledge of reading sheet music.

We can coach you through your musical journey learning all the skills necessary along the way at your own pace. For guitar and ukulele music we often teach using the TAB method, for more information about reading and understanding this please see our guide below.

Reading tab

Do you have any age limits for students ?

Our current age range is 4 – 86 … we would love to expand this even further!

With the addition of our new premises we will be adding many more groups specifically targeted to certain ages.

What abilities do you teach ?

From the very beginner to the next Jimi Hendrix … we have tutors who can lead you to any level that you aspire to.

If you have a specific requirement or question please get in touch! 

How do I get involved ?

Firstly we recommend having a look through our lesson page to get an idea of what we offer and what might be best suited to you.

Feel free to book a session directly through the page or contact us here!