Red Butler Music School (RBMS) is a contemporary music school providing tuition for the 21st Century. Founded in 2012 we pride ourselves in bringing super fun, creative, effective and informative learning experiences to students. Formed by professional award winning musicians we deeply understand the importance of music and how it can positively effect every aspect of life.

Our approach comes from a simple ethos we came up with …. “What you need to learn in what you want to learn”

We have found this to be hugely effective as we are able to inspire children to learn whilst providing a strong connection with their chosen song and material.

The extra motivation of being able to play a favourite song keeps the student passionate and driven to achieve their musical goals.

The development of this approach came from watching many students struggle to learn in the typical graded approach, we decided that something fresh and inspiring was required to help reignite the interest of the next generation of musicians.

Through this technique we are still able to teach at a very high and effective level incorporating common tuition practices such as chords, scales, technique and theory etc.

During a music workshop we teach provide and teach a wide variety of instruments including electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals and ukulele. In the space of 3 – 5 days our students learn valuable music skills enabling them to play together and perform in a band setting. This is a very powerful experience for young people and something that we hope to bring to many more students in the future.